About Tehran International Exhibition as one of the most important commercial and economic companies of Iran

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As one of the most important trading and economic companies of Iran

International Exhibitions of the Islamic Republic of Iran as one of the most important business and economic companies of Iran with unique exhibition space, facilities and facilities and specialized forces, providing a suitable platform and context for producers through specialized and international exhibitions. In addition to presenting and displaying capabilities, commercial and domestic traders have been able to develop their joint ventures and international ventures in the permanent location of Iran International Exhibitions. History of Iran International Exhibition Company dates back to 1338 From landscaping At the present location, Exhibition and office hall construction began in 1346 and in 1348 held its first international exhibition in the name of the Asian Exhibition for 21 days with the participation of 33 countries. And introduced Tehran as one of the most beautiful exhibition centers in the world. …………………………………………………………………………………… ……………………………………………………………………… … The important tasks of the International Exhibition Company of the Islamic Republic of Iran are as follows: • Holding specialized exhibitions , Proprietary and international open Gani inside and outside of Iran • Cooperate with the World Trade Unions and accept their membership and participate in relevant seminars and conferences and organize such assemblies in compliance with the laws and regulations in Iran • Display and introduce achievements and products of industrial, mineral, agricultural and Technical and Engineering Services of the Islamic Republic of Iran through the Establishment and Operation of Exhibition Centers and Exhibitions in and Out of IranProject with Legal and Legal Persons Related to the Corporate Duties of Current Affairs or the Establishment or Participation in the Establishment of the Exhibition And temporary domestic and foreign investment General Assembly • Board of Directors • Auditor (CEO) • Managing Director’s perspective on the quality of exhibition services and standardization of specialized processes by applying modern technologies in order to develop domestic and foreign trade Company’s mission is to be the first and foremost symbol of the exhibition industry in Iran. The country strives to meet the needs of participants and visitors by expanding and presenting the achievements and outputs of industrial, mining, agricultural and commercial, technical and engineering services through establishing and linking with international community in the field of exhibition industry. Saw exhibition centers and exhibitions inside and outside the country. In this regard, it has set the following pattern of action: utilizing up-to-date technologies utilizing expert and efficient knowledge-based forces in the exhibition industry or using experienced business partners And experienced in the field of exhibition industry; standardization of exhibition services and activities; identifying and responding to the operational needs of exhibitors and participants; acquiring Iranian and Islamic cultural symbols at the exhibition; expanding the country’s exhibition industry through the exchange of experiences; North of Tehran, Chamran highway, which is accessible from all highways. The total area of ​​the exhibition is about 850,000 square meters, of which 120,000 square meters of indoor space and 35,000 square meters of exhibition space, about 22 hectares of green space with a pleasant environment. It has been created for exhibitors and visitors and has about 21 acres of access to exhibition halls and venues. Tehran International Exhibition has a mosque (Ibrahim Mosque) with unique beauty and unique architecture in an area of ​​۱۲۰۰ square meters. And a minaret 70 meters high. Facilities and Services International Exhibition It has the following facilities to provide further facilities to attendees and visitors: • Bank for banking services • Exhibition Customs for customs services • Insurance (Exhibition Company in co-operation with one of the insurance companies has arranged until the time of the exhibition) Insurance Agent to be present at the Exhibition site to serve participants) • Restaurant, Coffee Shop (Persian Gulf Saloon Restaurant – Grand Exhibition Restaurant – Green Hill Restaurant …) • Freight Forwarding (Including cranes, lifts, forklifts) • Customs clearance services • Telephone, Fax, Internet, Wireless Telephone • Lecture Hall and Film Screening • Printing House for printing and reproduction • Greenhouse for flower and ornamental plants for exhibitors and visitors • Grocery stores • Pavilion and furnishing services • Firefighting • Red Crescent • North, West and South Exhibition Parking • Presentation Online Registration Services • Providing Visitor Registration Services • Virtual Exhibition


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